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EBMAS (Emin Boztepe Martial Arts System) is one of the best Self-Defense Systems on the market. EBMAS is based on two seperate systems, Wing Tzun and Escrima, which complement each other but are also excellent on their own.

WT (Wing Tzun) is conceived in such a way that one can manage a fight effectively with just a few movements.

Because of its effectiveness and straight forward, no-nonsense approach it is only open for students of the age 14 and up.


EBMAS Membership:

All students need to apply during their second month in training.

 Please print and fill out this 
Member Application and return it to
Si-Hing Tom with 3 passport sized pictures and $70.  
The annual renewal is $60.



"Civilian Safety Awareness Program"

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Wing Chun training for Hong Kong Airlines Cabin Crew



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Ip Man
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